Compare and Contrast Research Papers

Comparing and contrasting are the processes of identifying how people, ideas or things are similar (comparison) and how they are different (contrast). These papers are used to compare two separate issues or subjects and their relation to each other regarding differences and similarities. The aim of best term paper writing service is always to enlighten readers towards a specific philosophical distinction between varying viewpoints of related topics or genres rather than enlightening them. This is often a comparative analysis of the differences and similarities between two literary pieces from a particular kind in literature, thoughts of two philosophical frameworks in philosophy, two leadership styles in management or business studies.
Although you have probably had term papers written for you as well as compare and contrast papers back in grade school, mastering it can be difficult. Writing such papers requires a student to go beyond describing and thinking extensively about the objects or items being compared, creating a significant relationship between them and making an informed decision on which qualities are more meaningful. The whole process requires you to evaluate, analyze and synthesize your findings and present them in a logical, useful and exciting way.

Structure of Comparative Analysis Papers

Generally, there are two formats for writing compare and contrast papers. These include:
• Block Format
• Alternating Format

 Block Format

compare and contrastThis is also known as a divided or whole-to-whole format. Here, you may evaluate subject A and B in their entirety. That is, Subject A assessed in its entirety and Subject B in its entirety. This format may result in two separate papers connected by the poor transition. Follow these tips to create a unified and seamless document by use of block format:

• Make the introduction and thesis clear, spelling out the significant similarities and differences that you will be discussing.
• The introduction and thesis should answer the question “so what?”
• Provide references to both sides throughout the paper
• Link or connect the two sides using a strong transition that demonstrates the relationship between the subjects.
• Restate the thesis, summarize the main points you have made on the subject A and preview those points that you will be making on the next subject.
• Make a conclusion consisting of summary and analysis of the key findings. Remind the audience of the relationships you have written between the two subjects.

Alternating Format of Comparative Analysis

The alternating format is also known as a point-by-point comparison or integrated format. In this format, you explore a given point of difference or similarity between each of the subjects, followed by the next point and so on. Note the following when you choose on this format.

• Make the introduction and thesis clear, spelling out the significant similarities and differences that you will be discussing.
• Organize and synthesize your content in a logical way to avoid creating a confusing list.
• Include a conclusion that summarizes and analyzes the key findings. Again, remind the audience of the relationships you have written between the two subjects.

Transition markers/Words

When writing a compare and contrast paper, it is vital that you use transitional words/markers. These are phrases used to show the link or connection among ideas. Usually, they are used at or close to the start of a sentence or a paragraph. There are several such words, but the following are the most commonly used items;
Words to show comparison- To indicate a correlation, you may use words like correspondingly, in contrast, likewise, similarly, in the same way, too, also, analogous to, akin to, consistent with, identically and others.
Words to show contrast- To indicate variation, you may use words like rather than, nevertheless, however, in contrast, on the other hand, although, in opposition, unlike and others.


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