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It is an online student tutor assessment platform that allows tutors to evaluate content extended to students in the form of chemistry,  math,  Aleks key just to mention but a few.  The interactive online platform was intended to allow tutors to assess curriculum in a timely fashion to offer immediate feedback to the tutors on the progress made by the students during their coursework.  As such, the package presents punitive platform for even the most competent students to ascertain their exceptional scoreline.  Furthermore, its demands for the use of technical expertise respond more accurately to the underlying tests if not that hack. Tutors to suit underlying coursework as deemed relevant to the tutor will often customize assignments. As such, any online purchased content is guaranteed fail given that the content will covalently be inconsistent. Furthermore, given that the content is often plagiarized or obtained under other unethical academic malpractices, the penalties may often be subtle with incidences of full retake of the coursework or even in some instances suspension if the breach is based on tests.


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For one to ensure that their expensive purchased content will match their tutors’ grade sensitive expected requirements, one may equally need to hold background knowledge on what the platform actual offers are composed of. The platform presents and covers many varieties of topical disciplines as enlisted below:
maths assessment
knowledge check
 placement test
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