All about aleks

How To Use Aleks

Any computer or tablet with an internet connection may use ALEKS because it is an internet-based software. Please see our page on system requirements.

If you are familiar with your ALEKS login name and password, you may log in by going to and entering them in the boxes in the top-right corner.

NOTE: If you use ALEKS at your school for Worksheet answers or a class, you might have to access it through the website or portal for that institution.

Speak with your teacher if you are a K–12 student utilizing ALEKS in your class. They can provide your login details or assist you in signing up for your class.

Visit Sign Up Now to enroll if you are a higher education student utilizing ALEKS for your class and you know your 10-digit course code. Check the curriculum for the course or speak with your teacher if you are unsure about your 10-digit course code.

Contact the ALEKS administrator at your institution or the McGraw-Hill/ALEKS representative if you are a teacher and require an ALEKS instructor account.

1. Who Can Take Aleks?

You need to take Aleks if you are a new student who seeks to enroll for full-time or part time technical classes. you need to have scored 8 credits in your summer semester and 12 or more in both fall and spring semesters.

If you want to enroll for a math course as a new student, you must first complete the Aleks math assessment before because your orientation supervisor will require the results for proper advice on course registration.

You will be exempt from taking the Aleks placement assessment if you scored a grade of C- or higher in your prerequisite math course. This applies if you took the prerequisite math course within 18 months before your date of enrollment. The exemption applies to current students, transfer students, Career Advantage students, and Postsecondary Secondary Enrollment Open (PSEO) students.

Before registering for a math course, students who have never taken ALEKS before and who want to take a math course for the first time must complete the ALEKS mathematics placement exam.

Students are excluded from taking the ALEKS placement test if they only require MAT772 for their program of study.

To confirm the transfer credit or grade issued, academic transcripts will be needed.

2. When To Take Aleks

Prior to signing up for a math class, accepted students who want to attend one must complete the ALEKS math placement test. If you take the exam early, you will have time to finish the prep and learning modules and retake the test if you did not perform well as you would anticipate.

The ALEKS assessments that your institution paid for is active for 12 months. For a period of 6 months, you are urged to use the Preparation and Learning Modules as frequently as you can. Once the account expires, further access may be bought for $15.00.

3. What Topics Are Covered in Aleks?

Aleks is an adaptive system which means that you will undertake a wide range of math topics. There are about 30 questions in the Aleks placement test that will vary in length. Here you will encounter a variety of arithmetic problems you studied previously in high school but not all. This is because the placement test is not an overview of the math topic answers you studied. After the placement test, the system will grant you access to additional resources so you can enhance your skills for the placement.

Topics covered:

  • Actual figures: These will include integers, fractions, and percentages.
  • Inequalities and equations: Here you will solve linear equations, systems of linear equations, linear inequalities, and quadratic equations.
  • Exponents and polynomials: These will include integer exponents, , factoring, and polynomial equations. You will also deal with linear and quadratic functions including functions linear functions, graphs polynomial arithmetic, and parabolas. Lastly, you will review rational expressions including rational functions , rational equations.
  • Radical phrasing: Here you will learn rational exponents, and higher roots.
  • Exponentials and logarithms: These include features of logarithms, inverse functions, and equations using logarithms.
  • Trigonometry and geometry: These normally cover area, perimeter, volume, trigonometric functions, coordinate geometry, and identities and equations.

5. Aleks Questions Format

The Aleks placement test does not entirely have multiple choice questions and answers. You will sometimes solve open-reponse questions meaning you have to show your math formula steps and how you arrive at your answer. You have to use a pencil and a paper for this reason. There is a tutorial on how you will upload your answers after solving the questions on Aleks. You can also use resources on Aleks such as the calculator, graphing tools, and others which will let you know how to improve your Aleks program. If you need help using ALEKS, click the “help” button at the top of the screen.

Depending on the student, a placement test might take anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes to complete.

You can complete the Placement Assessment at your speed. You will have a week to access your placement assessment through the system. If you need to leave the placement assessment for any reason, you may log back in and pick up where you left off. Assessments begun but not finished within a week are removed and do not count as attempts. Instead of starting the assessments and abandoning them halfway, my statistics helper can help complete the course on your behalf, taking care of your grades.