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Chemistry Topics Tested on Aleks

Chemistry Topics Tested on Aleks

Aleks (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Space) is an online learning platform used by students to familiarize themselves with scientific topics and assess their eligibility for top courses. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze students’ learning needs and evaluate them.

Before taking any university course requiring chemistry comprehension, you need to have passed ACT math or SAT with a certain percentage. If you fail in these two, you must take Aleks for chemistry and earn 85% mastery or higher. Aleks chemistry tutors and assesses essential topics learned in high school, but instructors can customize them to align with learning goals and outcomes.

So, what topics should you expect to provide aleks chemistry placement test answers if tested from the course? Read on to get a clue of what to expect.

1. Math and Physics

You understand that mathematics and physics are aspects of technical courses, including those that major in chemistry. That is why students must ask” How Do You Hack The ALEKS ” to comprehend math and physics to excel in other top course at the university level or ask how to find chemistry answers on aleks.

Aleks chemistry features math and physics as one of the topics for comprehension on the platform. Topics from these two subjects can range from algebra, linear equations, graphing, analyzing data, probability, and electrostatics.

2. Matter and Measurement

Matter is the description of elements using both their chemical and physical properties. This topic is learned at the high school level, and Aleks provides additional learning material for students to ensure their readiness for evaluation.

Here students will learn about the properties of various elements and how to measure them in terms of volume, density, temperature, or mass. This topic aims to ensure that you are ready for university-level research and presentation of evidence in any of the technical courses you are willing to take.

Some subjects to study here include notations, SI units, measuring uncertainty, substances, atomic theory, chemical elements, units of measurement, and quantitative solutions.

3. Properties of Elements

Aleks chemistry also features chemical particles as one of the topics on the platform. This involves the study of atoms, ions, and molecules as well as ways to distinguish them. Studying this topic is important because everything in the universe revolves around the properties of elements.

The concepts of this topic lay the foundation of the language of chemistry in higher learning. This is why students should be extra vigilant while studying this topic, as it will determine their understanding of other topics and theories. Some lessons you should expect include the atomic structure of chemicals, chemical compounds, and ionic compounds, among others.

4. Chemical Reactions

To understand the properties of matter, students must study chemical reactions, which is why this topic is featured on Aleks chemistry. Studying this topic is important because chemical reactions occupy any form of biological and physical process in the universe, and it is essential to understand how these elements interact.

This topic is essential as it enables one to arouse interest in the interaction of elements and to take this interest in careers related to chemical science. The subjects to expect include moles, molar mass, chemical equations, precipitation, acid-base reactions, predicting products, stoichiometry, and elemental analysis.

5. Thermochemistry

Thermochemistry is the study of phase changes in chemical reactions concerning heat energy. It is essential to note that chemical reactions might release or absorb energy, prompting different phases of chemical reactions.

Aleks chemistry features this topic because students should learn how energy in terms of heat can affect various chemical reactions and their outcomes. This is either for safety or accuracy purposes. Some subjects to expect here include energy, calorimetry, and reaction enthalpy.

6. Chemical Bonding and Electronic Structure

Chemical bonding is essential as it lets you determine how atoms combine to form various compounds. This is one of the crucial concepts in chemistry to equip them with the knowledge to design new materials in the future.

Aleks chemistry features this topic, and some subjects to expect are chemical bonds, Lewis structures, molecules, quantum mechanics, electron configuration, electronic properties, and bonding theories, among others.

7. States of Matter

Studying the states in which matter exists and how it changes depending on the introduction of energy or its removal is essential. You will learn and be assessed on your knowledge about different states of matter in Aleks chemistry.

Some subjects you should expect here are gas laws, gasses, kinetic theory, the reaction of gasses, and chemical mixtures.

8. Acid and Bases

Acids and bases are essential in various chemical processes, which is why it is a critical area of study in Aleks chemistry. Here students get to know how the presence of an acid or base can affect a reaction depending on the chemicals available.

Some of the subjects to study here are chemical structures, properties of acids, base properties, and acid-base nomenclature.