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ALEKS As A Good Math Program

Aleks (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is a learning tool for students to learn math, chemistry, accounting, and statistics among others. The platform is designed in a way that students can learn Aleks Math For College on their own with minimal instructor interference. The developers recommend that the platform is used a minimum of 3 hours in a classroom environment each week.

But is the platform good for learning and assessing math? There are few things you need to know about Aleks. First is that it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze your topic knowledge and lack of it. Various features on the platform help you review topics you are not good at thus making it effective in learning various subjects.

Here are some of the features that make Aleks a good platform for learning math;

Is ALEKS A Good Math Program

1. Remote Access

The Aleks platform is web-based meaning that you can access it from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection and a browser. This gives you a chance to learn math concepts anywhere you are free from extra tasks.

The platform also has less technical requirements. For example, if you log off from the platform or experience sudden internet loss, the Aleks system will take you back to the same place you were working before the session ended. This helps you to keep track of your progress and avoid distractions.

2. Assessments are Curriculum Based

The math assessments on Aleks are recurring each testing your current knowledge of a topic using smaller number of questions. All math questions are selected based on the level of understanding on previous topics as assessed by the Artificial Intelligence system.

Assessment results are then used to generate new learning material for the student according to their understanding of previous topics. In case you don’t understand previous topics well, the system will suggest you revise and review until you have better understanding. This curriculum-based learning is best for all students who wish to have sufficient knowledge of mathematics.

3. Automated Assessment Results

There is nothing as useful as documented progress and Aleks understands this. After each assessment, Aleks provides a pie-chart report that depicts your knowledge state. The chart is divided into pieces with each indicating a topic’s grade level for you. Your progress will be indicated by solid color and hovering your mouse on the chart will show you topics you’ve learned and those you are ready for.

Documented progress while learning math on Aleks lets you plan ahead and schedule topics to put more effort. It is a sure way of ensuring you pass all the assessments based on the level of topics covered in the platform.

4. Interactive Learning Environment

One of the best features that make Aleks an effective math learning platform is the interactive environment. Students are able to choose which math topics they are ready to learn, work on practice problems, review topics, and take assessments to gauge your mastery level. The system presents a sequence of topics and problems based on your ability to solve previous ones.

This means that taking time on the platform will ensure you master math concepts and be able to handle problems with ease. Also, the system is designed to assist students who might face difficulties answering questions. For example, if you fail two questions in an assessment, Aleks will suggest you to review the topics then take the assessment later.

5. Easy to Follow Explanations

Aleks has a feature labelled ‘Explain’ and the purpose of this is to provide easy to understand and follow directions. A solution to a aleks algebra 1 answers will be provided together with audio or text commentary when you click on this button. The step-by-step guide in the explain feature will ensure you understand math concepts efficiently compared to when it is explained to everyone in a classroom environment.

After using the ‘Explain’ feature, you can return to practice questions and gauge your understanding on the problem that was previously hard to tackle. This means that Aleks is designed to help you master math concepts as well as help you solve problems that arise.

6. Best for Revising Math Topics

Unlike other math platforms, Aleks is designed to ensure that suggested topics are well mastered. This is achieved through the AI filtering algorithm that identifies areas that you have issues understanding and suggesting you review them constantly until you master.

The review button might appear as you are scrolling through the topics or after you take a knowledge check assessment. It is advisable to use the review button and revise suggested topics because of two reasons.

One is that Aleks has already noted that you have a weakness in these areas and revising them will be to your advantage. Second is that revising suggested topics will increase your chances of success during the main assessment which will determine if you enroll to the college level.