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What is biology?

Biology is the study of physicochemical aspects of life. It’s concerned with studying the vital processes of living things. The subject is an essential branch of science.

Biology Research Paper Topics

cocciHere are some of the best biology research topics
1. What is the relationship between genetics and obesity?
2. Discuss the biological development that brought the most benefits to human beings
3. Discuss the basic principles of human cloning and its origin
4. What modern theories try to explain the origin of humankind?
5. Discuss drugs and the causes of addiction
6. Hypnosis: Is it scientifically correct to say it’s real?
7. Neurobiology: Can we rely on our memories? How do people remember things?
8. Biology and productivity: Discuss ways of improving productivity using biological knowledge
9. Evolution: from apes to human, what’s the next step in the evolutionary cycle?
10. Plant pathology: Discuss the causes of significant plant diseases
11. Ebola: Give your understanding of it. What’s the possibility that terrorists can use this as a biological weapon? How can it be prevented?
12. Acid rain: Discuss the effect it has on the environment
13. Why do frogs jump? Discuss the biology behind it.
14. Abortion: Why is this a controversial topic in most countries?
15. Poikilothermic body temperatures versus homoeothermic mammals

Microbiology research topics

1. Discuss how materials are quantified from bacterial adherence
2. Proteus mirabilis: how does flhDC positively autoregulate it?
3. Absence of the incorporation of DNA and genetic variation by the predatory bacteria
4. The living world and RND transporters
5. How do yeast cells respond when phosphoribulokinase’s toxicity is triggered?
6. Lytic vibrio phage: Discuss its characteristics
7. Discuss what needs to be researched in bacteriophage research
8. Escherichia coli: Discuss its adaptation to batch culture

Cell Biology Topics

cell biologyThe cells form the smallest functioning unit in an organism; they are the basic units of living things. Cell biology is the study of cells and their composition.
1. What are the features of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
2. Discuss energy conservation, cell biology, and molecular energy reserves
3. Analyze what brings the variations in the life span of cells
4. How does energy reserve play the role of sustaining cellular life-forms?
5. What role does sunlight plays in providing energy for cells?
6. Discuss the pathology of cells organelles
7. What are the basics and the functions of cellular structures?
8. How are Eukaryotic cells a potential source of usable energy?
9. Apoptosis: What’s its importance in the study of defective cells?
10. How does the study of cell biology help one to understand genetics?
11. Nucleic acid: Discuss its role in managing reproduction and growth in living cells
12. What’s the importance of a cell membrane in all life forms?

13.which of the following clues would tell you if a cell is prokaryotic or eukary

14.which is an advantage of eukaryotic cell structure over prokaryotic cell structure?

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

gene-tree1. Discuss epigenetics and its role in the evolution
2. What impact can rainforest extinction cause to humans?
3. Discuss the origin of snakes using fossil record, genomics, and phenomics.
4. Discuss the problem of extinction
5. Explain the threats of global warming
6. Discuss what rare species are, the causes of their disappearance, and how can they be preserved.
7. What’s the relationship between living forms and the environment?
8. Discuss how conflicting are the results between MP trees from ITS and haplotype network
9. What behaviours of evolution are being noted in animals?
10. Explain why a Lemur smell better than humans

Marine Biology Research Topics

1. Discuss marine benthic ecology
2. Discuss the positive and the negative impacts of fishers on marine life
3. The effects of overfishing on marine life
4. Discuss biological oceanography
5. Explain the ecology and the biology of coral reefs
6. Write the biology of a deep-sea creature or a plant life
7. What are the consequences of oil pollution in the oceans?
8. Discuss the theories and the dynamics behind the ecosystem in the body of water

Molecular Biology Research Topics

1. Discuss ethidium bromide and its mutagenic effects
2. Explore the conditions that bacterial transformations take place
3. Discuss how alkaline phosphatase activity is calculated
4. What are the growth factors of cytokines?
5. Discuss stem cell research
6. Discuss restriction enzyme and its biochemical analysis
7. Discuss fish food as a source of novel antimicrobial peptides
8. Discuss gene editing and CRISPR

Plant Biology Research Topics

1. Discuss the impact of plants in changing the buildup of greenhouse gases
2. Explain how the direction of gravity affects the growth of roots
3. How can water plants be used to determine its quality?
4. Discuss the contribution of plants in solving global warming threat
5. What is the interdependence between plants and human beings?
6. What makes fern leaves the way they are? Are they identical?
7. Hydroponics: Discuss the benefits, and how it is carried out
8. Who domesticated the first wild plants?
9. Explain the best way of preventing plant pathogens
10. Discuss plant transportation

Human Biology Research Paper Topics

1. What are the impacts of personalized DNA analysis?
2. Discuss the role of the pancreas in metabolism in the human body
3. Explain how the human immune system functions and the different types of the same.
4. The impacts of quality sleep on the human brain
5. Explain the physiological benefits of drinking water
6. Discuss smoking effects on lungs
7. How does hypoxia affect the human brain?
8. Discuss blood pressure, blood flow, and the function of the valves
9. Discuss genetic polymorphism and diseases
10. how does alcohol affect the body?

11. what is blood pressure

Conservation Biology Research Topics

1. What are the threats to biodiversity?
2. Impacts of conservation agencies to the environment
3. Explain the production-boosting enhancement and drugs used in livestock production
4. Discuss the best ways for conserving fisheries
5. What is the role of the government in conservation programs?
6. Discuss how fertilizers and pesticides can be reduced
7. What are the best ways of protecting endangered species of plants and animals?
8. State the hazards of waste and pollution to the farm workers
9. Discuss ways of sustaining the local biodiversity
10. What are the effects of genetically modified food on human health?
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