Computer science is a subject that deals with processes and data where algorithms are used to store, manipulate, and communicate digital information.

If you have a computer science research paper assignment, you need to have vast knowledge on the topic you choose. This guide will make the whole process like a fish to the water.

20 Great Research Topics in Computer Science

Computer science evolves almost every day. We are all bombarded with information on new gadgets and products being released every day. Computer scientists are always on their toes to solve the problems that face humanity.

Since research papers in computer science would require a topic, you need to have an interesting and captivating one. If you have a topic that you are familiar with, you can enjoy doing your research paper.

Here’re is a list of topics to choose:

  • Discuss search algorithms and state if its evolution has ended.
  • State the central principle of work and the hazards of computer viruses
  • A look into SCRUM methodology and if it’s the best invention for computer science
  • Discuss the evolution of artificial intelligence over the years
  • How networking is useful in developing systems for the future
  • The peculiarities of software development for portable gadgets
  • State the advantages and disadvantages of cloud storages
  • What’s the relationship between medicine, biotechnology, and computer science?
  • Discuss security, privacy, and memory in this era of cloud storage
  • What are the limits of communication and computation?
  • What’s the importance of data security? How can it be improved?
  • Discuss database architecture and management
  • A look into quantum computing and state if it’s the future of computing
  • Discuss DDOS attack, its hazard globally and how it can be prevented
  • Distinguish between math and art modeling in media and computer
  • What’s the importance of usability in human-computer interactions?
  • What’s the essence of having many programming languages?
  • Discuss neuron networks and machine learning
  • Explain big data analysis
  • How is virtual reality connected to human perception?

Why Study Computer Science

computerOne crucial life skill that computer science students are endowed with during their course is a problem-solving skill.

Computer science is all about finding a problem and deciding on the best way to solve that problem using programming languages.

If you solve the problems that people have, they will pay you. Some of the careers for computer science students are:

  • Computer hardware engineer: These are tasked with designing and testing computer components such as Routers and memory devices.
  • Web developer: Are responsible for creating the technical structure of websites and maintaining them.
  • Software developer: They create problem-solving softwares that you can use on computers and smartphones.
  • IT project manager: You are tasked with managing a team of other IT professionals who have a goal of developing a system to solve a particular

Hence, you need to consider studying computer science as a career. Here are the reasons:

  • It offers many lucrative jobs

 Like the course above, computer science graduates get employment almost immediately they graduate. They can also employ themselves since they have the skills

  • It spurs innovativeness and creativity

Once you study computer science, you tend to be creative. Part of computer science is about project development. Once you learn the skills, it becomes easy for you to develop your projects.

  • Computing is part of everything we do

 In today’s world, computing is everything. Computers are everywhere. The sooner you learn to compute, the better it will be for you. You can learn computer science to advance your skills in one area or another.

  • Computer scientists are highly paid

 Since computer skills are highly sought after, computer scientist are highly paid for their services. If you study computer science, your skills will be in high demand and high

  • Computer science can enable you to solve complex problems

 Computer science teaches you to think critically. Once you have skills, you can be able to resolve significant issues that affect the world using these skills.   

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Computer science is one of the best courses to take as an undergraduate student. You will acquire the problem-solving skills needed in today’s dynamic world. To ensure you garner high scores in this course, you need to learn how to write top research papers.

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