Selecting a topic has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks in writing engineering research papers. This is usually because most students have more than one favourite topic and end up spoilt for choice when they need to pick just one.

Students should ensure that whichever topic they choose focuses on an existing problem so that the paper can provide an in-depth analysis of how the problem can be solved with a proposed solution. However, narrowing down on a single topic is not as easy as it seems and most students end up seeking academic writing services to do the whole paper for them, just because they could not come up with a topic.

There are many interesting theories that a student may choose to explore depending on the engineering field they are studying, but one should be careful to pick a topic or title that one can manage. Managing a research paper depends on the education level, knowledge and resources available to the student.

The resources available are a vital consideration because all engineering research requires some form of experimentation and analysis so as to arrive at a solution. Let us focus on a few branches of engineering to see how one can arrive at a relevant research paper topic.

Genetic Engineering Research Paper Topics

Genetic engineering is the alteration of an organism’s genes using biotechnology so as to modify certain characteristics or functions of the organism or parts of the organism. To find a research paper topic in genetic engineering one needs to understand the available technology and the challenges facing the current technology so as to present a solution to one of the challenges.

One of the challenges facing students with genetic engineering research papers is that most of the study is theoretical.  The facilities, equipment and specimen needed for experimentation are hard to find. Nevertheless, the following are some of the most discussed research topics in genetic engineering.

1.      Hereditary diseases and genetic relation

This research paper topic would focus on the diseases that are passed on from parents to children in families and how genetic alteration may control the diseases.

2.      Allergies and genetics

A research paper on allergies and genetics would consider if the reaction to certain allergens has any connection with the genetic makeup of individuals. If the paper concludes that it does, it would present a solution to how genetic manipulation can be used to provide a cure.

3.      The possibility of cloning

Scientists have pondered on the idea of duplicating organisms for years. This research paper would explore the idea and come up with a tentative answer on whether with more advanced technology we would be able to duplicate organisms.

Research Paper Topics for Civil Engineering Students

Civil and structural engineering offers a wide variety of topics that a student can investigate. As a civil engineering student, I do not have to find someone to write my paper for me because I cannot come up with a topic, I just have to ask myself the following questions.

  • What is civil engineering?
  • What can we do to make the roads more effective?
  • What modifications do we need to be able to make taller buildings?
  • How can we make buildings structurally stronger?
  • How will the buildings of the future look like?

The questions above will guide you to an interesting topic for a research paper. The following are examples of such topics.

Effects of industrialization and civil engineering on the physical environment

This research paper will look at how urbanization industrialization and the construction of buildings and roads have on the environment. It will consider factors like deforestation, human encroachment on forests, land reclamation, among other things.

Construction material analysis and alternatives

One can explore the construction materials that are currently in the market, their strength and weaknesses, and provide alternatives that can be better, or cheaper.

Engineering Ethics Research Paper Topics

Also referred to as the philosophy of engineering, engineering ethics is the consideration of safety and morals in engineering practice. Finding a research paper topic in engineering ethics is difficult because different fields have different considerations on what is effective or efficient. Examples of topics for engineering ethics research papers may include;

Challenges on the code of conduct for engineers

This paper would interrogate the law of contract and the loopholes that make engineers fail to adhere to certain parts of contracts or the problems that engineers have with certain rules and conditions that are expected of them during their practice.

Negligence and its effects in engineering practice

Negligence is a major problem in engineering practice. When a structural, mechanical, or any other engineer is careless in his or her duty, lives are put in danger. A research paper on negligence and its effects will focus on the causes of carelessness and provide procedures that can be followed to improve safety and morals in engineering practices.

Research Paper Topics for Electrical Engineering


With the rapid growth of technology, there is no shortage of research paper theories and topics that can arouse the attention and curiosity of a reader.

How renewable energy is changing electrical engineering platforms

This is an interesting research topic because scientists are deliberating heavily on alternative energy sources that will be more efficient and have less adverse effects on the environment. This research paper will focus on the relationship between renewable energy and electrical engineering.

The concept of uninterrupted power supply and its applications

The idea of providing non-stop energy to devices and machinery is an attractive idea to developers and a research paper that would explain how the concept can be incorporated into more equipment would be an interesting read.

Research Paper Topics for Environmental Engineering

There is an enormous number of innovative research paper topics that one can come up with in environmental engineering. A student just needs to look at the numerous challenges in social issues like water supply, water treatment, drainage systems, wastewater treatment, among many others. The following are a few creative examples.

Decontamination of pesticides using carbon dioxide.

This paper will explain how to reduce the effects of pesticides and their chemicals on the soil and atmosphere. It will also show how the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide can be extracted from the atmosphere, hence reducing global warming.

Developing a decentralized system for solid waste management

Solid waste management is a big problem for third world countries and low-income communities. A research paper that analyzes and provides solutions for this problem would be interesting for lecturers and engineers in the field.