Ethics are moral principles that guide you when you’re performing an activity. An ethics example is when you wake up to allow an older person to sit on a chair if the seats are limited. It can also be approaching everyone with respect at the workplace. Ethics guides our conducts and enable us to live a happy life.

To pass in an ethics research paper, you need to choose a suitable topic. You need to have several to decide one that you are comfortable. Here are some of them:

15 Topics for Ethics Paper

  1. Politics and religion: What’s the impact of politics in churches? Is it right to separate politics and church?
  2. What are the effects of technology in Today’s generation?
  3. What are the causes of air pollution? What are the implications in major cities worldwide?
  4. Immigration and terrorist attacks: are they related? What is to be blamed for today’s violent terrorist attacks?
  5. Government and corruption: why are people in power corrupt? How does being in power demands significant responsibilities?
  6. Social media and self-esteem: what are the impacts of social media on the life and self-esteem of a teenager?
  7. What’s depression? Is it a disease or a mental disorder? If it’s a disease, give facts and evidence
  8. Discuss drug abuse and the effects of alcohol on the skin of the user
  9. What’s the relationship between moral and success? Can such people succeed in the modern world?
  10. What’s the best way to reduce discrimination for people with HIV/AIDS at work?
  11. Companies and personal information: should companies collect private information about their customers?
  12. Discuss assisted suicides and if they should be allowed on ill patients
  13. Explain the best way for people to live.
  14. Plastic surgery: what’s your view on it? Should teen be allowed to practice it?
  15. What would you do if a friend drinking at a prom? Would you tell?

Business Ethics Research Paper Topics  

  1. What effect does it bring to companies if they hire only company members or relatives?
  2. What effects will it have on a company that focusses on profits rather than the quality of products or service they render to its customers?
  3. ethicsDiscuss the effects of not showing the company’s information to shareholders
  4. Should the government penalize companies that pollute the environment? Should they pay a fine for not using correct energy sources?
  5. How do corporate social responsibilities cover exorbitant charges?
  6. What’s the importance of corporate social responsibility to modern businesses?
  7. Discuss Goldman Sachs and how it played a role in many mortgages that went bust.
  8. What are the impacts of discrimination in the workplace and harassment?
  9. What ethics are employed in public-private partnerships?
  10. What’s the ethnicity of producing firearms as a business when many people are dying because of these?
  11. What impact does ethical marketing techniques have on modern businesses?
  12. Discuss the ethics and motivates someone to start a business
  13. What’s the relationship between business organizations and civil society?
  14. Discuss management ethics by a critical analysis of market failure approach
  15. Discuss significant challenges that multinationals safe when making ethical decisions

Medical Ethics Topics

  1. Partial-birth abortion: discuss the controversial issues around it
  2. Care for the mentally disabled: what ethics surround this and how does it impact their lives
  3. Some reports indicate that mammography has some negative aspects, what are some of them?
  4. When is the right time for a doctor to have their patients arrested in case of pregnancy?
  5. Is it right to kill patients who are terminally ill? What are the effects of euthanasia?
  6. Is cloning taking the role of God? What are the arguments surrounding this?
  7. Discuss animal testing around the world, how it’s carried out, and the impacts it has on the animals
  8. What impact will the introduction of international ethics in the medical field have?
  9. Discuss the preparedness of the public health system on childhood immunization and how it gives vaccines to anyone who needs it.
  10. What are the ethical difficulties that surround people practicing medical overseas?
  11. Medicine and religion: What’s the relationship between the two and how ethics confronts the beliefs on religion about medicine?
  12. Discuss the issues involved in embryonic stem cell and the role of the government on this.
  13. How are quality medical ethics taught?
  14. Negligence of children: when should parent pay for the neglect of their children?
  15. What’s the difference between medical ethics in different countries of the world?

Computer Ethics Topics

Computer ethics is a section of practicable ideology that deal with the conduct of the computing professional about their decisions regarding professionalism and social conduct. Below are possible computer ethics topics research paper you can use in computer ethics research paper or you can be tasked to write in academic term papers in college.

  1. Discuss AI and how it can be used as a force for good
  2. Discuss the ethical designs of social simulations
  3. Discuss social, ethics, and technology and their relationships
  4. What ethics surround video games? Is it building teenage to be responsible?
  5. Why should ethics be observed in publishing asylum claims
  6. What’s are the moral impacts of introducing computers to the household
  7. What norms deter the stability in cyberspace?
  8. What civil role do online service providers have to their customers?
  9. What are the concerns of information and communication technology?
  10. What ethics should be observed in the creation of memes?

Engineering Ethics Topics

  1. Discuss engineering ethics in evolution
  2. What ethics reports accompanied the space shuttle Columbia disaster?
  3. What disciplinary measures surround ethics and professionalism?
  4. Discuss on a research-based perspective the impacts of teaching ethics to engineers
  5. How do ethics enhance the social responsibility of engineers?
  6. What are the impacts of social recognition in the modern era?
  7. Discuss the ethics and empirics of engineering humanity
  8. What standards of conduct do engineers have to observe in their work?
  9. Review the McGinn as the “ethical engineer.”
  10. What’s the moral foundation of Chinese engineering students?

Choosing a suitable ethics research paper topic is essential in ensuring you perform well in your research paper. You can take time to select a topic because selecting the one you understand makes writing seems like fish to the water.

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