The best research paper topics for your history paper need to focus on a narrow and manageable area that you are well versed.

Therefore, you need to have a wide range of topics to select. A suitable topic will enable you to write an excellent history research paper but first the definition of history.

What is history?

History as a subject is defined as the study of past events. It deals with people and events that are either documented or told.

History research paper topics for college students

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Here are the best topics to select for your research paper and If you would like top-notch college paper writing services, do not fail to contact us.

  1. Discuss the cold war and the impact it had on the world economy
  2. What impact did the Second World War had to the economies of Europe?
  3. Explore the similarities and differences between the British and Roman empires.
  4. Discuss the evolution of medicine from the traditional to the modern
  5. What were the conditions of the slaves during the building of the great pyramids?
  6. Sports: why is hockey the most popular sport in the Great White North?
  7. Discuss Europe’s period of Renaissance humanism and how it helped to produce fine arts
  8. Discuss the industrial revolution worldwide and its impact on man’s way of life
  9. Explain the phenomenon of hippie culture and the effect it had
  10. What is communism, how does it influences the world?
  11. Propaganda: Discuss its history and evolution from ancient days to modern days
  12. Discuss the impact of Martin Luther King’s speech in the ending of slavery in the US
  13. Vietnam War: what were the causes and the influence that it had
  14. Discuss the Weimar Republic, its creation, and its failures
  15. The history of monarchy and the reasons for its restoration in England
  16. Discuss Italian Renaissance painters and how it benefited from the art patronage system.
  17. Discuss the career and the life of Sir Winston Churchill
  18. Discuss the first Russian aircraft that landed on the moon
  19. How was Malaysia established?
  20. Discuss the planning of the Great Wall of China and its implementation
  21. what is nationalism in history
  22. what is mercantilism in history
  23. what is the largest time period in the history of earth?
  24. what is the history of airbags
  25. what is oral history

American history research paper topics (US history)

  1. Discuss the formation of the black history month in 1926 in America and its importance to the African American people
  2. What was the impact of the great depression to the banking industry in America?
  3. Explain the pros and cons of the ‘new deal’ president Theodore Roosevelt introduced to the people
  4. Discuss the history, the unique culture, and the religion of the Native American
  5. What role did the African-American society play in the revolution?
  6. Discuss how the African-American escapees benefited from the Underground Railroad
  7. Discuss the civil war in Arkansas and how it changed the legacy of the people
  8. Explain the causes of the great depression in America?
  9. What caused the industrial revolution in America, what blessings did it had to the common person?
  10. Discuss the American Revolution and the building of American society
  11. How did the French Alliance help in American independence?
  12. Why was The Great Bridge Battle’s victory of great significance to America?
  13. Discuss the importance of voting act right to the blacks in America
  14. Discuss the role the militia played in the evolution of America
  15. America constitutional change: what role did the amendments have?
  16. The Yorktown chronicles: Explore them and mention Charles Cornwallis and George Washington
  17. what is the antebellum era in american history
  18. what is the longest war in us history

Research paper topics on American history before 1877

  1. Discuss the last days of the British Empire in America
  2. How did colonialism resistance began in America?
  3. Discuss the US invasion of Canada and the impact it had
  4. Discuss the Boston massacre and the impact it caused
  5. How did America got involved in the Pacific wars
  6. Discuss the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865How was the Republican Party formed in 1854
  7. California gold rush: Explain how it began and its impacts
  8. Discuss the events that led to the killing of Joseph Smith in 1844
  9. Highlight the key events that led to America’s independence
  10. Discuss the Townshend Act and its impacts
  11. Discuss Abraham Lincoln as the first president of America
  12. Discuss the formation of the Republican Party in 1854
  13. Discuss the French and the Indian war in 1754 and how it ended
  14. How did the Treaty of Paris helped to end the revolutionary war?
  15. How did Abraham Lincoln helped America gain independence?

World history research paper topics

  1. The Gulf War: Discuss how the war started and what caused the US to enter the war against Iraq
  2. Discuss the scientific revolution and the major contributors to it
  3. Discuss the impacts of World War II and what could have been done to prevent it
  4. How has China become to be known as one of the most potent forces in the world?
  5. Explain how the space race began and if it’s was for the benefit of humanity
  6. Explain the causes of the great fire of London and the damages it brought forth
  7. The Spanish civil war: why was the war one of the most economically devastating and how did it change the involvement of Spain in WWII
  8. Give a record of events in the history of the Ottoman Empire
  9. Which discoveries in the stone age where the most important to humanity
  10. Discuss the bombing of the Hiroshima city and the consequences that it had
  11. Gandhi: What role did he played in ensuring there is peace in the world
  12. Why did China decided to build the Great wall around its borders
  13. Outline the discoveries made during the scientific revolution
  14. Outline the events that led to the defeat of Germany in World War II
  15. Discuss the battle of the seas between Spain and England? What impact did it brought?
  16. What caused the Cold war and what were its effects

A history paper should pick a concept connected to time and space. A great topic will enable you to score high in your writing. A good grade will allow you to pass excellently in your final exams.

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