Human resources are the most critical elements of an organization. To manage them effectively and see a steady increase in performance, human resource managers need to employ effective techniques and strategies. The economies and society that surrounds a business affect these techniques.

Are you a human resource student? Do you have a research paper assignment with a paper writer but yet to decide a research topic? To amass the highest score in your paper, find a suitable topic. By reading this guide, you can explore different potential topics.

How to Find a Suitable Research Proposal Topics in Human Resource Management

  • Choose a manageable topics

A manageable topic has resources at hand. You will spend time researching, and hence, you should have resources at hand.

  • Your topics should answer the research question

The whole purpose of writing a research paper is to answer a research question asked by your professor. Your topics should answer the question to get an A-grade score.

  • Choose a topic within your area of interest

If you choose a strange topic, you will take time researching and understanding it. A familiar topic makes researching easy and fun.


50 Great list of hr topics

  1. Which among fitting personality and professional qualities is important for business growth?
  2. How can time management be a major tool for the growth and survival of the organization?
  3. Which technological information factors have an impact on the performance of human resource managers?
  4. What is the best effective way to carry out performance test among employees?
  5. What leadership style do organization leaders need to adopt to achieve organization productivity goals?
  6. What causes a breakdown of communication in the levels of an organization? How does this affect the performance of an organization?
  7. What’s the importance of a human resource manager in an organization? What are some of the 21st-century challenges they face
  8. Discuss the factors that affect the loyalty of employees in an organization
  9. What are the pros and cons of a company paying the education of its employees?
  10. Discuss the ways, tools, and criteria to evaluate the performance of the employees in a company
  11. What’re some health challenges in the workplace? How can it affect company productivity?
  12. Discuss the impacts of conflicts in the workplace and how they can be easily resolved
  13. What are the pros and cons of hiring fresh graduates into the marketplace?
  14. Should effective career planning be around people or companies?
  15. Discuss the impacts of effective communication and its effects on the company’s success
  16. What’s the relationship between general human ethics and work ethics and their importance in the growth of a company?
  17. What impacts does human resource planning have on organizational performance?
  18. What’s the best effective way to calculate risks incurred by a company when it recruits a new employee?
  19. Wages and employee productivity: do they relate? How can wages be used as a motivating factor for employee productivity?
  20. Will the introduction of a daily childcare unit improve the performance of the employees in a company?
  21. Explain the effects of unequal salary payment among the company workers. Explain how managers can address the issue
  22. Discuss some of the threats of a company data and how human resource managers device ways to protect it
  23. Discuss the pros and cons of hiring outsiders or freelancers in a company
  24. What’re the impacts of diversity on workplace dynamics and ways a company can encourage it
  25. Discuss the impacts of financial or non-financial on the performance of employees
  26. What are the impacts of the supply and demand curves in the human resource market?
  27. Discuss how a human resource manager can deal with harassment and workplace bullying
  28. What’s the best way to keep the employees committed to their work? How does it help the business to achieve its business goals?
  29. How can merger and acquisition of a business affect the performance of the employees?
  30. How will job satisfaction important to not only employees but also to employees in an organization?
  31. Access how productive is human resource development in the civil service
  32. What impacts does corporate governance have on the performance of employees in an organization?
  33. How can employees stress reduce the productivity levels in an organization?
  34. What is employee appraisal, and how does it helps in boosting the performance of employees in an organization?
  35. How can human resource management be used effectively to promote industrial harmony?
  36. Discuss the effectiveness of the division of labor and specialization as a tool for growth and development
  37. How can human capital development used as a strategy to increase productivity in an organization?
  38. How can an organization use collective bargaining as an effective dispute resolution technique in an organization?
  39. Give the impacts of training and development on different sectors of an economy
  40. What challenges face an organization that has less human resources?
  41. Give the pros and cons of a social networking site on the performance of the employees
  42. What leadership style and behavior should a human resource manager employ to ensure top employee performance in an organization?
  43. Why do you need to motivate your employees? Does it help in boosting the productivity of an organization?
  44. Give the impacts of a management information system on structuring organizational human resource management
  45. How has computerized accounting systems influenced the performance of accountants in an organization?
  46. Evaluate how effective is customer services in the banking industry?
  47. Give reasons why employees need to maintain high levels of emotional intelligence to maintain a healthy work-life balance
  48. How does employee participation in decision making be effective in improving the performance of an organization
  49. Discuss how a good working environment can boost the performance of employees in an organization
  50. How does an employee relationship in an organization affects their overall productivity?

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