chemistry labIn your college years as a chemistry student, you will be given a chemistry research paper as part of your assignment. Don’t freak out because it’s like water off a duck’s back.

You need to decipher how to select your research topic, how to carry out experiments, and how to come up with valid conclusions and information that you can use in your chemistry research paper.

Topics in Chemistry

Chemistry is not something distant; we interact with it every day. One thing that everybody knows when it comes to chemistry is food chemistry. It’s an interesting topic for research because everyone would want to know what they’re putting in their stomach.

If you’re looking for something to write about in a chemistry research paper, but not sure whether it best fits your area of understanding, here is a list of some of interesting research topics and solutions in chemistry:

  1. Hydrogen and oxygen: Discus how hydrogen can be used in the discovery of oxygen
  2. Discuss the ability of beryllium to ameliorate other metal’s strength when it’s added to them
  3. Discuss the chemistry of allergy
  4. A look into atmospheric physical chemistry
  5. Discuss how chemistry has been used in the production of food dyes
  6. Explain the differences and similarities between covalent and ionic bonds
  7. Discuss battery science and technology
  8. A look into photons and the physical chemistry
  9. How does chemistry influences climate
  10. Surface tension and transportation: Explain the implications of surface tension for the future of transportation.
  11. The science of behavior and chemical neuroscience
  12. Silicon as a semiconductor: Explain its ramification and heavy usage in the cosmetic surgery 133
  13. Explain the bonding of inert gases and fluorine
  14. Explain how lithium corroded when in contact with oxygen and ways of stabilizing it.
  15. The chemical influence of pesticides and methods of influencing them
  16. A look into enhanced performance separators
  17. What are bio conjugates in Chemical biology?
  18. Discuss the artificial organic tissues and their chemical properties
  19. What’s are some of the thermos electric materials
  20. Discuss the chemistry of non reactors

Some of the courses in chemistry

Do you want to deepen your study in chemistry but don’t know which course to go for? You need to think about what you have passion in before you decide on a course. If you choose to study chemical engineering, for example, be sure that you’re fond of chemical and always curious about what they contain.

Here are some of the courses you can choose to study when you want to advance your career in chemistry or starting out:

  1. Environments science
  2. Medicinal chemistry
  3. Materials science
  4. Pharmacology
  5. Chemical engineering
  6. Toxicology
  7. Medicinal chemistry
  8. Green chemistry
  9. Analytical chemistry
  10. Organic chemistry
  11. Physical chemistry
  12. Biochemistry

How to handle chemistry experiments

A chemistry lab-where most chemistry experiments are performed-is a place of inherent hazards and dangers. You should never do a chemistry experiment-if you’re still a newbie-without the consent of a chemistry expert.

However, here are the guidelines to make sure you’re safe when carrying out your chemistry experiments:

Step 1: Define your objectives

You need to know why you’re carrying out a chemistry experiment. If you have zero goals, don’t experiment.

Step 2: Have a procedure

A procedure does not only saves your time but also prevents you from any harm caused by the chemicals. Before you perform a chemistry experiment, take time to develop a procedure together with your chemistry expert.

Step 3: Have all the apparatus on the bench

Since you already have a procedure, you need to ensure you have all the equipment for the experiment. The equipments need to be clean and working.

Step 4: Perform the experiment

Following the procedure, you need to experiment logically. You need to record your results and use them to form conclusions.

Laboratory Safety Rules and Regulations

In addition, you need to be careful when undertaking your experiment. Here is how to ensure you’re safe when experimenting:

  • Avoid loose clothing and hair

If you have loose hair or clothing, you need to ensure they’re tight. Loose clothing can easily dip into any solution you’re preparing, or it might cause you to spill a solution you made.

  • Ensure you understand the experiment well

 Since most experiments are procedural, you need to ensure you know every stage. If you feel you don’t remember a particular step, don’t perform the experiments, you might cause hazards.

  • Don’t taste chemicals unless you’re told to

Most chemicals in the chemistry laboratory are poisonous. You must not taste or inhale these chemicals. The best way is to waft the smell of the chemicals into your nose, but not inhaling directly.

  • Be careful with how you handle chemicals:

Don’t heat, measure, or mix any kind of chemicals in your face. Chemicals react; the reaction can easily produce a poisonous gas or flame, which can be harmful to you.   

Why you need chemistry help for your chemistry research

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Now that you have known a great deal about chemistry research, you need to amass high scores in your chemistry research papers.

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