Statistics help papers assist one avoid getting stuck when writing a statistical research paper. This article stresses on the techniques that have more extensive applications in statistical work.  Also, it gives special attention to the statistics and the statistical research topics that could be applied by to statistics homework help for high school students and college students.

Types of statistics

Statistics field has two major divisions, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Each of these segments is crucial through an offering of distinct techniques which accomplish different objectives. Inferential statistics helps scientists or researchers to take findings from a sample group and then generalizing them to a large population. Descriptive statistics in contrast, describe the activities taking place in a data set or a population. Statistical research papers, it well describes these two types of statistics.

Descriptive statistics

Majority of people when they say write a research paper for me about statistics, descriptive statistics comes in their mind. The main goal in this branch is to describe. The features of a set of data are described by the numerical measures. In this portion of statistics, there are several items such as;

  • Measurements such as a kurtosis and skewness
  • Average which comprise mean, median, mode, or midrange.
  • Spread of the data set which is measured with the standard deviation or range.
  • Correlation and relationships exploration between paired data.
  • Overall descriptions of data such as five data summary.
  • Presentation of statistical results in graphical form.

These measures are crucial and regularly used because they help researchers to observe the patterns among data and make positive conclusions of that data. However, descriptive statistics describes the data set or population under study. Therefore, results are limited to a specific group and cannot be generalized.

  Descriptive Statistics

In the statistical papers, four types of descriptive statistics are discussed:

Measure of frequency

This shows the frequency or how often something occurs. In research papers Measure of frequency is used to show the occurrence of given a response. They include frequency, percent and count

     Measure of central tendency

This helps when locating the distribution by various points. They include mean mode and median. In research work, it can be used to show an average or show the response.

     Measures of Dispersion or Variation

Through measure of dispersion one can identify how scores spread by stating intervals. This includes Variance, Range and Standard Deviation.

  • Range = High/Low points
  • Variance or Standard Deviation = difference between observed score and mean
  1. d)     Measures of Position

In this descriptive statistics depend on standardized scores and also help in describing how scores fall in relation to one another. Under research, this is often used when you need to compare scores to a normalized score (e.g., a national norm) they include Percentile Ranks and Quartile Ranks.

Presentation of descriptive statistics is usually presented numerically or in pictorial form. Numerical statistics include used of numbers meaningful to the research under question. Pictorial statistics include the use of graphs and pictures to present numerical data.

Inferential statistics

They are produced through mathematical calculations that are complex and therefore allow researchers to infer trends about a larger population from the sample results. It is complex to examine each member of a population. Therefore, researchers use inferential statistics to examine relationships between variables within a sample which help in making predictions about how those variables will relate to a larger population. Inferential statistics include:

  • T-test
  • Chi-Square

 Descriptive vs. inferential statistics

Despite its usefulness in learning the spread and midrange of the data, we cannot use descriptive statistics to make any generalizations. This is because we term measurements such as standard deviation and mean as exact numbers.

Despite the use of similar calculations such as standard deviation and the mean, the focus in inferential statistics is different. This is because it begins with a sample and then generalizes to a population.

Statistical Research Topic for College Students

Did the professor ask you to write a statistical research paper as your assignment? Do you know the right topic to choose? Here are some of them:

20 Top statistical research paper topics

  1. Assess the significant causes of injuries in the field and on track
  2. Discuss how to use the probability of containment for multitype branching process for emerging epidemics
  3. In statistical form, access the history of patients with tonic-clonic seizures, and how it affects them
  4. Analyze using economic and statistical point of view, why soccer players in EPL and some other top leagues earn a relatively high income, compared to other players around the world.
  5. Elections and statistics: explain how you can use exit poll data to predict the outcome of elections
  6. Discuss the art of modeling and detecting an art bubble while they’re happening and before they burst.
  7. Access and compare the life expectancy of men and women with high alcohol consumption rates
  8. Doping statistics: review doping statistics for the past 20 years and state its significant effects on the athletes
  9. Explain, using statistical evaluation, the returns that a company can get if it leverages digital tools for branding and marketing
  10. Discuss computer tomography and the validation of complex structures such as Additive Layer Manufacturing
  11. Bullying statistics: what are the significant causes of bullying in schools and the effects that it has on the children
  12. Using a statistical approach, access the effectiveness of high-frequency trading in financial markets
  13. Use statistics collected over the years to evaluate the effects or the outcomes of working and enjoying life at the same time
  14. How are rotationally invariant statistics used to determine the pores in fingerprints?
  15. Discuss disposition effect, liquidation and the prospect theory
  16. With application to food security, discuss the decision-focused inference on some of the networked probabilistic system
  17. Discuss the genes that discriminate between diseased and healthy patients
  18. Present statistical insights into the world of sports management
  19. Between Physiology and psychology, present in statistical form why smokers find it a daunting task to quit the act
  20. Statistics and depression: discuss the leading causes of depression in the United States

Good Statistical Research Questions

  1. Which is the best way to bring balance to methodological conversations, especially when talking about the standard method?
  2. Which sampling formulae or design is commonly addressed in statistics or research books?
  3. If you’re carrying out a qualitative case study, can you use the Teacher Efficacy for Inclusive Practice self survey to collaborate the findings from the interviews?
  4. What’s the meaning of controlling another variable in multiple regression?
  5. Which is the best way to estimate RMSEA using USL with AMOS?
  6. Supposed you are to study a population. What conditions can cause you to study the entire population instead of studying a sample of it?
  7. Explain the best and the easiest way to calculate standard deviations from cylindrical
  8. Which is the best way to perform a Sequential Mann-Kendall statistical analysis and the best software to achieve normalized backward and forward sequences
  9. Explain the best approach to use when studying non-linear relationships
  10. Have you ever developed a predictive model? What would you consider as your most challenging task?
  11. Is it enough to confirm previous results, or it’s necessary for a confirmation study to do a new knowledge to the field?
  12. Which is the best way to analyze acoustic Doppler velocimetry data?
  13. How can you statistically associate data from two different populations collected from two separate surveys?
  14. How do you build the level one model in multilevel modeling and the best way to explain the variability in each random slope?
  15. If you cannot perform Meta, what is the best quantitative analysis for data synthesis?

Business statistical research topics

  1. How does small business make use of the statistical knowledge of correlation and regression to perfect in business?
  2. How is statistical knowledge applied in determining the economic indicators of a country?
  3. Discuss linear regression as used in business. How is it useful?
  4. Explain how statistical knowledge is necessary to determine the inflation rate of a country
  5. Discuss how small companies can operate in an international business environment
  6. Discuss how statistical learning analysis enables you to learn to improve your business further?
  7. Explain how hypothesis and estimation testing is useful in business
  8. Using statistical data, find out the major causes of unemployment and how it can be reduced
  9. How is statistics used in economics and how is it useful
  10. Using statistics, identify and explain the challenges that affect internet marketing and how they can be easily resolved.

College Statistics Help

Did the lecturer give you a statistical term paper for an assignment? Don’t freak out. You can learn the ropes and get it done even if you’re green in writing a term paper. To hand over an A-grade paper, here is what to do:

  • Choose a great topic

A term paper is a long form research-intensive paper and needs lots of information on it. To give the best form of content, a great topic is essential. Take time to look at the topics and select one.

  • Perform a thorough research

You can’t amass the highest marks in a statistical term paper if you don’t back up your ideas with adequate research. Hence, be prepared to do in-depth research before you think of a term paper.

  • Have an outline

An outline makes your work easy and enables you to finish the term paper on time. In case of an impending deadline, an outline can make things easy for you.

A statistical research paper requires you to choose a great topic that is not strange to you and one you can easily find research materials. Above are some of the best topics to choose from.

Get Statistics help with project ideas for high school

When the data is interesting to the students, statistical activities such as the collection, interpretation and analysis of data becomes more fun to them. However, according to statistical researches, it is not always the most exciting subject for students. There is a lot of crunching numbers, data entry into calculators and computers, and analyzing data. Through statistical research papers, we can study this important subject in a manner that is more exciting for students. A centerpiece of that can be statistics project. This include

  • School census project.
  • Public School Teachers, Base Salary, and Additional Income.

Online Statistics Homework help topics for college students

Research topics projects for college students can be exhaustive as they cover a wide range of data. This therefore means the use of samples to represent the general data set or population. Because of many mathematical formula and tests such as t-test, a student finds it a bulky work to work out. Through statistical papers, college students can find topics example of projects and an illustration of how they are worked out. Students can always have this projects handled by a professional by typing write my paper for me and we will take it from here.

Example of projects for college students include:

  • Economics and Business forecasting through the use of Time Series Analysis.
  • Male and female literacy rate in Africa.
  • A regression analysis of National Income and Expenditure from 1990 to 2014.
  • A statistical analysis on the effect of NPK fertilizer on crop growth.

Do you need statistics helper

Statistics papers are not always fun to write, some even require softwares to complete making them even more boring. Do you have a problem writing statistic research or project, professional writing services will help and save you all the trouble and have your grades improved.